Die Cast Die Builder35 years of die cast experience, design, state-of-the-art technology, and high speed CNC machining sets Pro Mold & Die apart from our competition.

  • Only Premium grade laboratory certified steels are used.
    Steel is heat treated as recommended by NADCA and follows to Chrysler’s standard NP2080.
  • Using an ISO 9002 certified heat treater, this procedure assures the maximum die life and reduces the probability of cracking over the expected number of shots.
  • All heat treated steel is finished, machined and stress tempered after heat treating insuring the accuracy of the part geometry and integrity of your steel.
  • Customers are supplied with steel certification including heat treating, stress relieving, and tempering information including a 500x magnified photograph.
  • Since instituting these procedures in 1986 our customers have not experienced premature cracking or heat checking.
  • Have Pro Mold quote your replacement inserts.