Injection Mold Design and Die Cast Die Design

Injection Mold Design and Die Cast Die Design

When our engineering teams are involved in the early stages of your project, the strength of their experience and knowledge assures you reliable, long-lasting tools as the end result. This, coupled with craftsmanship and advanced production technology, delivers cost-effective molds for plastic and dies for die casting.

Design For Manufacture, DFM, is a key part of the process for every Pro Mold & Die tool. Extensive evaluation of the design considering projected volume,  material, cycle time, automation, and more is evaluated early in the process to assure you of reliable, cost-effective performance for the life of the tool.

We use the latest technology materials and components for mold efficiency. Conformal cooling is strategically used in high-performance applications for faster cycle times with less part deformation as shown in the slideshow below.

Each of our engineers is a specialist in their individual field of expertise, and uses the most current version of CAD/CAM software running on the latest engineering workstations available. Molds and dies are designed as 3D solid models.

Conformal Cooling

Conformal cooling can significantly improve the efficiency of molds and reduce plastic part distortion and warping. In all cases, we work to optimize the cooling through efficient cooling channels in the cores that roughly conform to the core’s outer shape. In more complex cases, we create the cores using additive technology, integrating complex cooling channels for maximum cooling efficiency. This efficiency would be imppossible using traditional manufacturing methods. The result is faster cycle times with less part warping.

Conformal cooling follows or conforms to the core's shape for faster cooling.
The design engineer works with the core's basic shape...
...and then designs the optimal cooling flow.
The cores are "grown" using additive manufacturing. Here they're ready for final machining on the core's exterior.
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